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Austin Race Events // 2015 F1™ Event and Party Schedule!


2014 Austin Race Events Schedule

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All times, dates, locations are subject to change without notice. Please contact the event host(s) for most accurate information. Not all events are public. Check with organizers to request entry. Austin Race Events is provided as a service. Though we strive to provide the most up-to-date information,  we are liable for neither inaccuracies nor cancellations. Not affiliated with FOM,  USCC, or any listed events unless noted.

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    Jonah Mullineaux says:

    Love it!

    “The Saturday Special” at Live Oak Barbecue Argentine-style Parrilla 11/17 @2pm (2713 E. 2nd St. between downtown and the F1 track)
    This Saturday Pit Boss Tom is going all out with a huge mixed grill menu cooked Argentine-style. Expect to see Rib Roast, Pork & Lamb Sausage (made In-house), Beef Short Ribs, Pork Loin, Skirt Steak, Turkey, Seasonal Fruits & Berries, Chimichurri, Fresh Baguettes and a Root Vegetable Hash made with fresh veggies from our friends over at Phoenix Farms . (The best organic veggies we have ever had!)The feast will start at 2pm and will go until we run out! Bring your family and friends to eat like Kings all day. You wouldn’t want to miss this one. See you at 2pm.

    Argentine-style Parrilla Menu

    Ojo De Bife – Standing Ribeye Roast
    Entrana – Skirt Steak
    Costilla De Res – Beef Short Ribs
    Chorizo De Cerdo y Cordero – House-made Pork and Lamb Sausage
    Lomo De Cerdo – Pork Loin
    Guajolote Reliquia – Heirloom Breed Turkey

    Seasonal Fruit/Berries
    Root Vegetable Hash – Fresh from our friends at Phoenix Farms

    Chimichurri – sharp, full flavored herbaceous condiment
    Baguettes – fresh baked, locally sourced French bread

    Nice schedule for a great new season

    RVNIGHTLY.COM Campgrounds will be hosting a tailgate party overlooking the track at Turn 10 during the weekend of the SVRA Vintage Car Championships Oct 25-27.
    $10/veh + $10/pp in advance.

    event planning contract template says:

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    Who would I talk to about the Pre and Post race parties and for any Event Auctions for Charities.

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